29Prime in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida - False Telemarketing Campaign


I was called several times by a local number claiming to be "Google+".

It is a fraudulent campaign. They prompt you to "claim and verify" your local Google+ page.

After pressing #1 waiting for a representative are started getting the pitch. Something did not seem kosher about the offering. Upon receiving several hesitant answers to my direct questions I found out that the call was not from Google, but from a company called 29Prime. It is obviously a ripoff, scam, ***...

I will never do business with a company that engages in dishonest marketing.

Do not trust or do business with 29Prime.

Reason of review: Not as described.

I didn't like: Dishonest pitch.

29Prime On-Line Marketing

Not resolved

This company promises to help you climb the internet search ranking in 2 weeks and with-in 30 days you are at the number 1 spot. They did not accomplish anything they promised.

$600.00+ and I still have nothing to show. Whenever I call to speak with a VMC (consultant) I get voicemail and/or no call backs. When I visit the customer page to view any activity it shows no improvement in my keywords.

I am very disappointed that I am continually having to call and ask for my consultant and that person is gone. Not a company I would recommend at all to anyone.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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